Advanced GPS Tracking Solutions

We're all about vehicle telematics. GPS Tracking is our strong point, and thats all we focus on. There are no hidden fees, and no complications. We'll guide you through the easy process of signing up for a subscription and getting the equipment installed by an auto-electrician.

Advanced Technology

We maintain our platform with high quality and high standards. We ensure best practices, such as adopting latest technologies, and versions. This also keeps our software secure.


Customisable alerts allow you as the user, to set up rules which send you email or SMS notifications. This enables you to manage your fleet without having to closely monitor the live tracking. Create alerts for over speeding, ignition change, and more.


Live tracking is the major functionality offered by our platform. It provides super fast updates with fleet and vehicle statuses and their progress. GPS tracking puts you in control over route direction, enables you to make better decisions and improve customer service.

User Management

Our advanced user management control, gives you full ability to create multiple users, with different permissions and roles. Our platform also maintains an activity log, so that all actions and changes within our platform can be traced back and exported.


Simple report functionality provides you with everything you need to preview the vehicle's history, logs and data. Reports can be downloaded in different formats - Excel, PDF and print format.


Our platform supports geo zones, meaning that you can set up specific areas on a map, and get alerted when a vehicle enters or exists a zone. You can also create specific rules which apply inside a geozone.

How To Get Started?

Getting started with our platform, is simple. After applying for our services, we'll ensure you get set up with tracking devices and then we'll take care of everything from there. We'll set up an account, an administrator user, and then you're ready to go!

Our trackers collect data based on event triggers and every 3-8 seconds. This data is then sent to our servers through GSM networks, processed and stored for later use. The data received is also provided immediately on a live map under your account.

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Security First

Our platform ensures highest security standards and guaranteed technologies.


Our team of developers and engineers work hard to research and implement best practices and develop innovative solutions.

Testing & QA

We run heavy QA and internal testing on our platform before deploying any functionality to our live production environments.

Show Result

We encourage feedback and welcome any ideas from our clients, and will try our best to implement all those that we like!


We are constantly developing and working on new features and improvements on our platform. Here are some few features which makes our platform better than the rest.

Intuitive Design

Achieving the right interface and providing an easy user experience is the essence of a good system. We've tried various ways to present our platform to our users over the years, and collected a lot of feedback, to deliver the best experience we can to our users.

Feature Development

Our team of innovative developers keep hard at work, while we give them the freedom to be creative and deliver feature improvements and new features constantly.

Agile Development

We work in an Agile way, continuously integrating what we work on in our live environments. This keeps things interesting even for our clients, as they are kept part of our development process, and can contribute their feedback at any step along the way.

Google Maps

Our platform is fully Google Maps ready, satellite views and street view integrated for both live tracking and historic reports. View movement of assets live on Google Maps, and playback tracking history on Google Street view.

Fleet Maintenance

Take advantage of the data collected through telematics. Through our platform, you can easily maintain your fleet, log services and set service reminders and renewal reminders. Monitor vehicle odometer, sensor information, voltages, and more.

Health Procedures

Vehicles are moving assets, prone to many external environment conditions - bumps, pot holes, harsh breaking and acceleration, and also exposed to GSM network conditions and network roaming. This can easily cause a tracking device to stop functioning or sending updates. Our platform has intelligence built-in, able to recognise most of these conditions, and enter the device into recovery mode to restore its full functionality automatically.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to get started with Track Link?

If you wish to get set up with your own tracking device or custom application, please contact us first. If you do not have a GPS tracker, you can purchase one from us directly. If you live in Malta, you can have the device installed by our auto-electricians. 

2. How do I use the Track Link GPS platform?

After signing up, we will send you a welcome email, with direct access to our help centre and documentation. 

3. What can we track?

We can track anything that a GPS device can be fitted on to. A person, a pet, vehicle, truck, bus, coach and boats. 

4. Does Track Link work in all countries?

Yes, our platform supports all countries, however we only offer auto-electrician services in Malta.

How can I customise the Track Link platform, or integrate it into other apps?

We have a public API available. Documentation for how to use the API is available upon sign up.

We're a growing medium to large, company. Do we get better pricing?

The Track Link platform is provided by our parent company, Dazzle Panel Ltd. For larger companies, please contact to discuss and request a proposal offer.

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